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IDENTIFYING your temperament

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IDENTIFYING your temperament

by Otitolaye Oluwatosin.

I have sat down often times and wondered why people find it difficult to relate with one another especially colleagues in the work environment, parents with their children, and bosses to staffs. Amazingly, I stumbled on the other answer to my quest recently, and I discovered there are reasons for everything we do as human beings.

You are probably asking yourself what is the answer to this writer’s quest? I will tell you, it’s TEMPERAMENT. Right from the day we were born, either twins or triplets or singly, we all have a different temperament from the other. Temperament affects our daily lives: socially, spiritually, financially and otherwise, it goes on to affect even our relationships. Your ability to identify each man’s temperament within and outside work environment will save a lot of problem, time and reduce level of efforts in relating to people. Although, individual differences exist naturally that cannot be altered.

Basically, Temperament comes in two ways; it could be hereditary and also associated to environmental factors. Hippocrates was the first Greek physician to study human personality way back 460-370 BC. Known as father of medicine. The temperaments create two personalities, called EXTROVERTS AND INTROVERTS.

  • EXTROVERTS: creates 2 personalities viz: Sanguines & Cholerics.
  • INTROVERTS: creates 2 personalities viz: Melancolies & Phlegmatics.  

I’ll do a quick discussion on each of them:

SANGUINES: In my opinion, this is the easiest temperament to identify because they are extroverts and they are called the talkers’. They desire influence, love being the centre of attention, sociable and charismatic, warm-hearted, pleasant ,humorous, enthusiastic, always cheerful ,energetic, e.t.c BUT they tend to struggle with certain unavoidable issues, often frenzied and disorganized, chronically late, non-chalant, extravagant, restless and spontaneous, take risks, suspectible to chemical imbalances, and avoid monotony. THEY HATE ROUTINE JOBS AND DISLIKE BORING COMPANIONS.


CHOLERICS: They are also extroverts and strongest of the 2 types and are called ‘the driver’. They are ambitious, aggressive, tries to in-still passion in others, domineering, born leaders naturally gifted business men, strong willed,(permit me to say they are mostly men),logical & pragmatic, decisive, independent, good at maths & engineering, unsympathetic, diligent, etc. Trust me their anger can be intolerable!!! BUT they are prone to mood swings, they seldom keep or have friends, extremely hard working and they have the tendency to fall in to sudden depression They are found amongst CEOs and politicians mostly.

MELANCHOLY: Introverts and highly thoughtful, they are ‘the thinker’ and one easy way to find them out is that, they always serious minded, cautious or even suspicious. They pay attention to details and analytical in nature, creative, organized, schedule oriented, economical, and they make a lasting difference in the world so to speak BUT they usually fall victim of depression, lack self-confidence, pessimists and prefer to work alone.

PHLEGMATIC: They are also Introverts, they are ‘the watcher’. Most often they are females who love to be easy going, sympathetic, kind, hide their emotions, calm, tolerant, quiet, unassuming, e.t.c. They are mostly indecisive and a worrier, good at generalizing, shy, compromising nature, always out for unity, curious and observant BUT they are often selfish and judge others easily, dampen enthusiasm and exhibit a constancy of mood.

Hmmmm!!! You are probably reading this article and asking yourself how come you have all the 4 temperaments. My answer is YES, you can have a trait of them all due to your environment, or situations surrounding you probably but there will be a dominant character amongst the four personalities mentioned and that distinctive one determines your temperament. Conventionally you can have 2 temperaments which are grouped as SAN-MEL, SAN-CHOL, SAN-PHLEG, MEL-SAN, MEL-PHLEG, MEL-CHOL, etc. As you relate with people in your environment it is important you identify your temperament and those around for a better and stress free relationship.

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