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Protected interest

Your interest as a manufacturer is protected through a dedicated advocacy drive by actively engaging the Federal Government, State Government, Government parastatals, Regulatory Agencies and all other stakeholders in the industry on policy development, adoption and practices particularly when operating in a hostile or difficult environment.

Unified Community

We create an atmosphere of unity and commitment to a common cause among Toiletries and Cosmetics manufacturers and Raw materials manufacturers (Actives) all over the federation. This in turn connects you with other companies or organizations and strengthens your foothold in the industry

Networking Opportunity

We facilitate exchange of information, skills, experience, materials and opportunities for collaboration and networking. This also reduces duplication of effort and resources among members

Community Support

We assist in providing peer support, encouragement, motivation and professional recognition

Growth & Expansion

We also assist/ help in expanding and building your market share and outreach through partnership with retail shops like park and Shop(SPAR), Just Rite, Shop rite etc. and for the raw materials active sector we also assist in making your brand known to all toiletries and cosmetics manufacturers.


In addition the group is open to suppliers of raw materials for personal care products and packaging materials.

Your Success and Breakthrough is our ultimate concern. Take that bold step and become a part of us today.