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About Us

Our Vision

To become the authentic and preferred platform for all Toiletries and Cosmetics Manufacturers in Nigeria


⦁ “To create a viable and sustainable platform for learning and educating our members at all levels on the happenings in our industry”.
⦁ “Accelerating progress in advocacy drive by actively engaging government parastatals and Regulatory Agencies on adoption of best global practices in dealing with our industry”.
⦁ “To increase members engagement in Government related policies and practices”.


Toiletries and cosmetics is a sub Sectoral group of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN). It is the authentic umbrella body of all cosmetics &Toiletries manufacturers in Nigeria.

The T&C Manufacturers group exists to carry out advocacy activities on behalf of its members by engaging in genuine and sincere dialogue with all the stakeholders.

The group also contributes to discuss on state and national levels involving policies of government or its agencies as it affects our members to forestall any negative impact on our activities.